The people of the borders have had a tough time, to say the least, with Covid striking fear into every household. We have been more fortunate than some areas , but need to remain vigilant as we know.we saw the sacrifices made and dangers faced by our NHS workers, often previously under-valued by government , and the care workers going above and beyond, as so often before.

So we at Bannerman Burke felt that the community deserved a reward for the effort and sacrifice. I know a friend, who is an nhs worker, who survived covid and got back to work,huge thanks. Additionally i was often served by the good folks in Farmfoods, and other shops, working daily at risk without PPE, and met carers doing what they could without full information or back up, and had 2 elderly close neighbours recover miraculously from Covid with an iron will.

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From buying and selling a house to writing a will, dealing with delicate family matters to helping you to recover a debt, we are here to help you reach the best legal outcome.

Help with buying and selling your property
Meeting all of your legal needs and at every stage of your life.
From buying and selling a house to writing a will, dealing with delicate family matters to helping you to recover a debt, we are here to help you reach the best legal outcome.

Buying or selling a property is recognised as one of life’s more stressful occasions. Don’t panic. At Bannerman Burke, our aim is to
remove as much of the hassle and stress from the process as possible.

We always put the interests of our clients first and you can rely on us to ensure the smoothest possible transition to your new home.

Basics of a property transaction
In Scotland, properties are bought and sold based on a written contract known as ‘missives’.

Your solicitor enters into the contract on your behalf. Over the years, Scots Law has developed some standard types of missives clauses but they don’t always suit every transaction. Buying a flat in the centre of a town has different challenges to buying a cottage in the country. There can be issues over shared access rights, common repairs, even car parking. That’s why it is important that your solicitor is able to examine the title deeds that relate to the property as we spot any unusual issues and advise you how to resolve them. Making sure you get the property you think you are getting, and paying for, is the most important task for a property solicitor.

Buying a property
If you want to buy a house, you start by instructing your solicitor to make an Offer on your behalf. This is the start of the process of negotiating missives which form the contract.

Sometimes missives can be concluded quite far in advance of the date of entry, but there are other times where the missives conclude right before the transaction is due to settle, particularly if there have been issues to resolve. These can range from ensuring proper consents are in place for alterations, to enquiries into dampness, or wood treatment. We will always make sure you are kept fully informed all the way through a transaction and if at any time you have a query, we will respond as quickly as we can to assist you.

Selling a property
When you put your property on the market with our Estate Agents at Bannerman Burke Properties Limited, you can be sure that you are getting a first-class service. We know the local market intimately and can advise you on the best options for selling your property. When we receive an offer, our conveyancing team will commence the work needed to ensure your sale proceeds efficiently. We will meet with you to discuss the offer so we can issue a Qualified Acceptance on your behalf. This is the next stage in the negotiation of missives as there will be things in the offer that we might want to change or ‘qualify’. The negotiation process can go back and forward a little but eventually we will have concluded missives and that is the final formation of the contract binding the parties into the transaction.

We appreciate this can all sound a bit daunting but the advantage you have in dealing with us is that we are long established, experienced professionals in the Scottish Borders. When you instruct Bannerman Burke, you know that you are in good hands and can relax in the knowledge that as our client, you are our priority. We will ensure that your property transaction is progressed to your satisfaction and you will be able to enjoy your new home stress-free.

Other services
Don’t forget that as a ‘full-service’ legal firm, Bannerman Burke Law can also look after all your other legal needs for you and your family. We can help you with Wills and Powers of Attorneys, family issues, debt matters and more. So no matter what life throws at you, you can be safe in the knowledge that we can help you navigate your way through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Bannerman Burke Law employs third party suppliers to provide services including utilising the services of a credit reference agency